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About Anna Draper

My name is Anna, I am a singer and voice instructor in NW Calgary. I am a graduate of Ambrose University’s Bachelor of Music program and a performing artist with live and recorded music in styles ranging from musical theatre to Canadian art song, opera to progressive metal. I would be thrilled to take you on as a student in my teaching studio

My studio focuses on fostering free and natural expression of the voice built upon a strong foundation of knowledge and a personal awareness of how body, breath, and vocal instrument work together. While singing may produce a seemingly ethereal and intangible sound, it is a physical process created by the human body, and an understanding of how the entire body works together to create sound is an essential step towards creating a sound that is effective and free.

Singing has always been an important medium for people to express themselves, relate with one another, transmit culture and history, all through an intimate connection to their own breath and body. Throughout history, singing has been a vehicle for connection to culture, to history, to religious tradition, and to others in your community; a way to embody a shared joy, sorrow, struggle, or history with people now, in the past, and anticipating into the future. In our culture singing is more often seen as something that those who have chosen to pursue music as a career can do, and everyone else cannot. My primary value as a teacher and as a performer is to help facilitate a connection to music and to singing which is not reserved for those working at an elite level, but one of the joyful and essential ways that humans connect to their traditions, to one another, and to their own bodies.

Whether your goal is to pursue singing through traditional classical training, work on your skills for your community or church choir, crush your next karaoke night, or to gain confidence and joy in the use of you voice to sing–or even to speak–in front of others, I think my studio would be an excellent fit. I would love partner with you in your journey with what your voice can do.

Contact me at to discuss what you’re looking for in a music teacher, and to schedule your first lesson.

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